Volume 7
Sol Mental Health

Sol was an effort by a multi-disciplinary team of Yale medical, business, and engineering students to develop an artificial intelligence platform to screen for depression using video selfies over time. The goal was to implement this technology to predict burnout in high risk populations such as medical residents and offer early interventions. The company was born from one of the winning pitches at the 2018 Yale Healthcare Hackathon and was successful in raising funding from university and state-wide competitions. A provisional patent was obtained on this technology and a formal patent application has been filed. My role was in the development of the user interface/experience for the app and creation of all pitch and branding materials.

︎ Max Farina, MD, MBA
︎ Matthew Swallow, MD
︎ Anusha Raja, MD, MBA
︎ Nicholas Chedid, MD
︎ Alex Fabbri, PhD
︎ Michael Day, MS
︎ David Dupee, MD, MBA

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