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Surgery Resident by day [includes nights and weekends]
Aspiring designer, innovator, and entrepreneur in between

Volume 1
Origin Story   
Est. 1991

Resident in General Surgery
Columbia University

A.B. Princeton University (2013)
M.D. Yale School of Medicine (2019)

Based in New York, NY
From Cleveland, OH

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Volume 2 
Photos of the Pandemic 
Early 2020

In the early days of the COVID19 pandemic in New York City, surgery residents were tasked with new and unfamiliar roles, manning pop-up intensive care units and performing emergency procedures on crashing patients. It was a time of fear and uncertainty but also brought our program and greater community together in new and unexpected ways. I attempted to capture portraits of my co-residents to create a photo anthology of this unique period of history.

Shot on Sony A73
Edited with Adobe Lightroom

Volume 3 
A Digital Hub for Residents 

When I started residency, looking up information meant either texting a senior resident or consulting a 300 page spiral bound “Intern Guide”. We developed a centralized, digital, searchable knowledge hub for the residency program using the open source Notion platform. The platform is used and updated daily by residents representing a streamlined model for information sharing and management in the medical education space.

Volume 4 
Hack the OR
September 2019

After attending multiple healthcare hackathons at Yale and MIT, I wanted to introduce this format to academic surgeons at my institution. In a one day event, surgeons, residents, students, business experts, designers, and engineers came together to brainstorm and rapidly prototype solutions to surgical problems. I envisioned this event, led planning, fundraising, and execution for this event, and designed all branding materials.

︎ Matthew Swallow, MD

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